Bellezza - ...also the "Eyelash Experts"

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Our Eyelash Extensions are one of our most popular services here at Bellezza. 
They help extenuate your natural lash to make
your eyes look more alive and POP! 
The best thing about extensions is you never need to wear mascara again!

eyelashes pop

Lash Lift $85
(Add Tint for $20 Extra)

These are not Eyelash Extensions, but it is a good alternative if you feel like Extensions are not for you.

A lash lift is an advancement on the old fashioned “lashperm”.

Unlike the perming rods used in the past, new specially created silicone pads lift the lashes from the root only, creating a subtle, natural looking lift, giving the illusion of length, and making the eyes appear more open.

How They Work...
We have a Standard set or an Elite set of eyelash extensions. They are applied individually to each natural lash with a high grade bond. Your eyes will be closed the entire service and is painless. 

The Standard Set of Extensions are for women with a darker, thicker and fuller lash bed. They provide more of fuller look for you whether you want a subtle change or a dramatic pop.

eyelash extentions
The Elite Set of Extensions are made much thinner than the standard lashes. This set is great for women with a thin and sparse lash bed. Your natural lash will better tolerate these thinner extensions. These are also great for women with light or blonde colored lashes. The elite set will give you a natural look and feel but also giving you the noticeable change you are desiring for your lashes. 

There are different lengths that can be applied in regards to your preference. From a natural look to a glamorous longer length. 

Eyelash Extensions are NOT permanent. They require proper care and "Touch-Ups" or "Fill Ins". Touch-Ups are when our trained extensionists will fill in the places where new extensions need to be placed. Your natural lashes shed on a daily basis, therefore, when your natural lash sheds; the extension is going to fall out with it. New eyelashes grow in and we will place a new extension on the new lashes.

   *Fill ins are based on the amount of extensions you have left. You cannot come in for a fill in with no extensions and pay only the fill in price. You will be charged for a new full set or accordingly to the loss of extensions.
PLEASE NOTE: The fill in cycles go accordingly:
1 week fill is 7 days anything over 7 days is a 2 week anything over 14 days is a 3 week and so on…*

Standard Eyelash $150
(Look for Specials on Specials Page)
Extension Touch-Ups

1 week touch up - $35                        
2 week touch up - $50
3 week touch up - $70
4 week touch up - $100

Elite Eyelash $225
(Look for Specials on Specials Page)
Extension Touch-Ups

1 week touch up - $40
2 week touch up - $65 
3 week touch up - $75 
4 week touch up - $125

Full Set of Cluster Lashes$50

Cluster lashes are little groupings of about 3-5 synthetic lashes. They are applied by placing the clusters on top of the eyelash bed. They are not extended off the natural lash like Extensions.

Cluster Lash Touch-Ups
  1 week touch up - $20
  2 week touch up - $25

 Half Set of Cluster Lashes
  (lasts up to 2 weeks)